Analysis, Reconstruction, and Evaluation of Arguments

This year’s Slovak Philosophical Assocation’s international conference is entitled “Philosophical Paths from Uncertainty – Forms of Responsibility”. One of its sections features ARENA’s Daniela Glavaničová, who will give a talk on Making Sense of Vicarious Responsibility.

Section schedule

22 October 2021 (Friday)

Keynote: Prof. John Hyman
University College London & University of Oxford, UK
11:00–12:15 CET: The Special Question “Why?”

Dr. Daniela Glavaničová
Comenius University & Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia
13:00–13:30 CET: Making Sense of Vicarious Responsibility

Dr. Matteo Pascucci
Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia
13:30–14:00 CET: Vicarious Responsibility: A Solution to the Problem of AI Responsibility?

Keynote: Prof. Angie Hobbs
University of Sheffield, UK
14:45–16:00 CET: Philosophy and Flourishing in an Age of Uncertainty

To watch the section, use this Zoom link with the password “sfz2021”.